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ПВЦ дограма KMG от Елина 7 ООД гр. Шумен     KMG (KRAUSS MAFFEI and GRAINER) profile produced by ALTEST is a project between the Austrian ("Greiner Exstrusiontechnik"), German ("Krauss Maffei") and the Bulgarian company “ALTEST”
The production base of Altest is located in the city of Bourgas.

  PVC system KMG had already proven its qualities, the system becomes one of the most preferred solutions to construction companies and contractors for residential buildings and buildings, office premises, kindergartens, schools and hospitals.

  Windows made with KMG Profile, can reduce energy loss in a room by 37 percent, which makes it idealno solution for any developer or end user.

  All Series PVC profiles offered by the company Altest, are resistant to wind, rain, dust, changes the environment. Also PVC profiles are corrosion resistant in highly humid environments, the deformation in heat resistant to acids, alkali and salts. Another important advantage of the quality and profile of the product marks KMG is the sustainability of their UV-rays.

  Mostly, the double sealer and the special draining openings that prevent water penetration. KMG profiles, with their specific non-vibrating material and thermally assembled corners, drastically reduce the outside noise.

Elina 7 Ltd. offers: 

PVC 4-chamber system
KMG 4 камерна ПВЦ дограма

  Choosing 4-chamber PVC profiles, you trust an established and proven quality system over the years. Made tests for the coefficient of heat transfer in the independent laboratory of the Institute ift Rosenheim, Germany once again confirmed the high thermal insulation properties of PVC Chamber 4-profile, namely:

Uw = 1,6 W / (m2 . K)



 PVC 6-chamber system
KMG 6 камерна ПВЦ дограма

 Choosing 6-chamber PVC profiles, you trust a better design, sound and thermal insulation qualities. There is new technologies in the development of the system, while it removed the unnecessary loading items from the series.

  This new system is mainly intended for foreign markets - countries with a cold climate. The results of the tests gave final opinion that the new system is very suitable for such weather conditions, its thermal insulation qualities are excellent:

Uw = 1,5 W / (m2 . K)

  In addition to its outstanding thermal insulation qualities Profiles distinguished by the fact that they are resistant to wind, rain, corrosion, moisture, dust, and UV-rays. Specially designed drainage channels do not allow water to penetrate into account and is a moisture and condensation. 



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