Profiles - Aluminum Profiles

Aluminum System ALTEST :  375 PONY  and 530 ESKOMOS.


Profiles of the "375 pony" are designed and meet all the requirements of the end user. It therefore accounts series is a preferred choice for customers, as are clean and stylish design, and while they are available and price for each user.

System "375 PONY" meets all European standards and norms for quality.

Since the channel profiles are designed to meet all standards, this is why this system can apply many different kinds of hinges, fittings and various accessories.

System "375 PONY" offers placement of a single glass of sizes from 4 to 10 millimeters, and the glazing 24 millimeters in size.



Aluminum system of Altest - "530 ESKIMOS" differs from the "PONY" in that it has thermal bridge that is 24 millimeters in the account and fund account with 20-22 mm wing. The function of this thermal bridge is to keep air and through him to reserve the room temperature.

The system fully meets all European standards.

Another advantage of this system is so constructed that they can apply all kinds of views - as uniaxial, and dvuosovo when doors and windows. Clear profile design allows use of a wide variety of fittings, hinges and other accessories.

Furthermore, the system is constructed with 3 seals - central, externally and internally as a central gasket is specifically designed for "530 ESKIMOS". Profiles of this system allows placement of glazing 20 to 29 millimeters depending on the willingness of the client.