The hardware is important for achieve better quality and precision in the manufacture of windows and technological sophistication of the profiles.

   Good hardware ensure smooth functioning and long service life of doors and windows.

  The word “hardware” includes nearly all mechanical elements which control the closing and opening functions of a window.

   The importance of hardware is crucial because it is the relationship between the sash and frame.

   The reliability of window designs depend directly on each cog and attachment.

   Therefore the requirements for mechanical durability are very high.

   It should be remembered for ergonomics.

   The best and safe attachment should not hurt or hinder its owner, nor make homes looks ugly.

In support of the above should not be surprised that 10-20 percent of the price of the finished window is determined by hardware.

And here, the more open, more hinges, handles and mechanisms, the more aggravated the price.

   Our company works with a German hardware Siegenia-Aubi, multi adjustable in all directions. Siegenia is one of the leading companies for hardware and ventilation equipment.